“Shorter days, longer nights…shorter days, longer nights.” was a song we all sang in school to differentiate winter from summer. And that time of the year has come and all you need is to make sure your vehicle is functional and safe on the busy roads.

At Value Auto Parts we care for the safety of our community and to help you be safe on the roads, here are a few safety precautions you can take when traveling in winter.

  • Prepare vehicles; by preparing we mean service your car to ensure any issues are identified and attended to. Mainly, being the lights, brakes, tyres, windscreen wipers and car battery. All these should be at least in good condition.
  • Prepare yourself adequately before any journey this winter. A good practice is to get updates regarding weather and road conditions in the region you are about to travel to. 💡 Highveld mornings and evenings are foggy and as you can expect, that means you cant be sending the vehicle in low visibility.
  • Check that windshield wipers function efficiently, replace them if they are old or worn out. This will help you see clearly on the road during a rainy day or if there is dirt on your windshield.
  • Slow down and give yourself extra travel time, remember it is better to arrive late than never.
  • Pack essentials, if it happens you get a breakdown you should at least have a warm blanket, torch, emergency warning triangle, 💡 read more;  ESSENTIAL EMERGENCY SUPPLIES YOU SHOULD KEEP IN THE CAR
  • Keep vehicles well ventilated, condensation in cars happens regularly during winter as there is great different temperature and moisture level inside and outside of the car and this can be dangerous if visibility decreases.
  • Use fog lights if visibility is seriously impaired for both your benefit and the benefit of other drivers.

The above is not entirely conclusive and we might have left out something; feel welcome to leave us a comment and we can update the article. Always remember; Safety Comes First, #KeepTheWheelsTurning and enjoy the tea season.