Available Transmission and Drivetrain Parts.

  • Clutch Kits: A selection of parts that are used to replace a broken clutch or upgrade an existing assembly. Each clutch kit comes with a clutch disc and a clutch pressure plate. A flywheel, alignment tool, release bearing, pilot bearing/bushing and spline lubricant may also be included.
  • Clutch Plates: It is the driving member of the clutch and is gripped between the flywheel and the pressure plate. It is mounted on the clutch shaft through the splines. When it is gripped, rotates the clutch shaft and the power is transmitted from the engine to the transmission through the clutch.
  • Pressure Plates:  It is a plate in an automobile dry disk clutch that is pressed against the flywheel to transmit propulsion torque to the wheels.
  • Release Bearings: It’s part of the mechanism that disengages or releases the clutch when the driver presses down on the clutch pedal.
  • Clutch Cylinders:  It is a smaller cylinder connected to a larger master cylinder which are both parts of a larger hydraulic system for engaging the clutch. When you push the clutch pedal a plunge inside the master cylinder forces hydraulic pressure through to the slave cylinder.
  • Clutch Cylinder kits:
  • Clutch Fork/Crown Wheel & Pini: Clutch fork convert the movement of the clutch pedal to the back and forth movement of the clutch throw-out bearing. The crown wheel and pinion is an essential part of the drivetrain as it transfers the power from the gearbox to the differential and onwards to the wheels via the driveshafts. As such, it has a significant impact on the vehicles gearing.
  • Ring Gears: Are cylindrical disks which have involute shaped teeth cut into their interior face. Ring gear transfers starting torque from starter to engine crankshaft. Ring gears have a diversified industry presence and are typically used in passenger cars, trucks, tractors, earth moving equipment, marine engines, lawn movers and industrial/power generation.
  • Synchro Rings: It has a conical surface which comes into contact with the friction cone of the gear wheel. The purpose of the synchronizer ring is to produce friction torque in order to decelerate/accelerate the input shaft during a gearshift.
  • Diff Pinion Bearings: In drive differentials, pinion bearings help the smallest gears in the differential work smoothly. Differentials are made up of a series of gears and cogs, it is the smallest gears that allow one wheel to safely rotate faster than the other.Pinion nuts secure the driveshaft yoke to the pinion gear.
  • Gearbox Complete: A transmission device which is used between engine’s output shaft and the final drive in order to transfer required torque and power to the wheels of the vehicle, a gearbox consists of the set of gears i.e. spur, helical, bevel, worm and epicycle depending on the types of gearbox used, which are arranged in a special fashion in order to provide required gear or speed ratios to the final drive of the vehicle.
  • Gearbox/Drivetrain Components: It’s a group of drivetrain parts that interact with the engine to move the wheels and numerous parts of the vehicle to push it into motion. These components frequently consist of the transmission, differential, driveshaft, axles, CV joints and the wheels.

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