Available Suspension & Steering Parts.

  • Shock absorbers: is a mechanical or hydraulic device designed to absorb and damp shock impulses. It does this by converting the kinetic energy of the shock into another form of energy (typically heat) which is then dissipated.
  • Ball joints: Are components located on the front suspension system of a vehicle. They help form a connection between control arms and steering knuckles. This provides smooth movement within the suspension.
  • Tie rod ends: There are  crucial meeting point between a vehicle’s steering rack and steering knuckle. The rod end not only transmits the force from the steering rack to the wheels, but it also provides a pivot point for the steering to maintain its geometry.
  • Rack ends: Is a part of rack and pinion steering gear system which converts circular motion of the steering wheel to straight line motion at the wheels The rack ends are the connections between steering rack and the outer tie rod ends which is connected to the steering.
  • Stabilizer links: It connects both the left and right suspensions to the stabilizer bar. By connecting the left and right suspensions of the vehicle to the stabilizer bar, stabilizer links maintain the wheels at the same height and reduce vehicle body roll.
  • Wheel bearings: Is a crucial part of the wheel assembly that connects the wheel and the axle. It is a set of steel balls (ball bearings) or tapers (tapered bearings), held together by a metal ring. It enables the wheel to rotate smoothly with a minimum of friction.
  • Hub Bearings: It is a hollow piece of mental at the center of your wheels. The wheel bearings fit tightly inside this hub and ride on a metal axle shaft, helping reduce friction when the wheel spins.
  • Control Arms: It connects the steering knuckle to the frame and stabilizes the vehicle by allowing the chassis and the wheels to move in unison while the vehicle is in motion. Ultimately, control arms help achieve coordination between the suspension and steering systems, dampening the ride and giving the driver the ability to maneuver the vehicle.
  • Universal Joints: Is a type of mechanical instrument used in many applications to transmit rotation through slightly misaligned shafts.
  • Cv Joint Boots: These parts are responsible for keeping the joints lubricated and preventing dirt and water from getting in. 
  • Cv Shafts: Are also known as a half shaft, takes power from the vehicle’s transmission and differential and transfers it to the wheels allowing the vehicle to drive forward.
  • Cv Joints:  There are needed to transfer the torque from the transmission to the drive wheels at a constant speed while accommodating the up-and-down motion of the suspension.
  • Bushes/Links & Grommets: They are used to protect cables and pipes when they pass through holes in metal plating.
  • Leaf Springs:  There are an integral part of your vehicle’s suspension system. They are installed to help support the entire weight of your car or truck. Leaf springs also help to maintain the tyres grip on the road and regulate the wheelbase lengths when it is speeding up or slowing down.
  • U-Bolts & Brackets: Is an industrial fastener in the shape of the letter U with two threaded arms (or legs) extending from a curved base. U bolts are typically used to support pipework or to attach a part to a pole, beam or wall where the “u” shape keeps it firmly in place adding stability to the support.
  • Centre Bearings: Are intermediate bearing assemblies found in four wheel drive and front-engine, rear-wheel-drive vehicles, connecting the front and rear drive shafts.
  • Side Shafts: Each side shaft has two constant velocity joints, a fixed joint at the wheel end and a plunging joint at the gearbox end, connected by an interconnecting shaft.
  • Stub Axles: A stub axle is one of two front axles that hold one wheel in a rear-wheel-drive vehicle. The axle is capable of limited angular speed about the kingpin to drive the vehicle. The stub axle has wheel bearings that support the wheel hub. The stub axle is a sub-assembly of the front axle beam on which the road wheel mounts.
  • Tripods/Yokes: This V yoke mount with ball bearing base can be used as a mono-pod or tripod accessory to convert it into a gun rest shooting stick. Two-color molded polymer main frame with soft rubber ridge molded over the top that has 3″ opening. The V yoke has a stainless steel plunger at its bottom that inserts into the ball bearing base to rotate freely for 360 degrees.
  • Steering Rack Boots: Are protective rubber covers which seal each end of the steering rack while still allowing movement when steering. They seal out dirt and water and protect seal components at either end of the rack and pinion assembly.
  • Steering Racks: Is an assembly in your vehicle that allows your wheels to rotate from side to side when you turn your steering wheel. The rack and pinion got it’s from the type of gears used in the assembly.
  • Power Steering Rack Pumps:  Is a rotary-vane pump that compresses and sends the steering fluid to the steering gearbox. It is driven by the engine’s crankshaft by a belt and pulley. When the engine is running, the steering belt turns, making the pulley and the rotor inside the pump function.
  • Drag Links: It converts rotary motion from a crank arm, to a second bellcrank, usually in an automotive steering system.
  • Idler Arms: It supports the end of the center link on the passenger’s side of the vehicle. The idler arm bolts to the vehicle’s frame or subframe.
  • Steering Shafts: Are the connection between steering gear and steering column and are used in medium-duty or heavy-duty commercial vehicles and buses.
  • Other Suspension/Steering com: The suspension system supports the weight of your vehicle, provides a smooth ride and creates stable road control, drivability and handling. The steering system provides directional control of your car.

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