Car lubricants play four major roles – they control friction and wear in the engine, they protect the engine from rusting, they cool the pistons and they protect the engine oil stored in the sump from combustion gases.

Different types of car lubricants & chemicals:

  • Engine oil: The main role of engine oil is to lubricate the engine parts, which are in constant friction. It thus reduces friction which tends to increase wear & tear of engine parts. The energy is lost through combustion and the friction between mechanical parts causes the engine temperature to rise. It’s made from two main elements: base stock and additives. The base stock commonly makes up 95 per cent of the solution and is either made from petroleum, synthetic chemicals or a mixture of the two. The base stock is responsible for lubricating an engine’s moving parts and removing built-up heat. The additives, meanwhile, account for roughly five per cent of the oil and it is these chemicals that are responsible for finely controlling oil viscosity and lubricity, as well as protecting engine parts against wear.
  • Lubricating fluids: The six essential fluids that every car needs are engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolant, power steering fluid, and windshield washer fluid.
  • chemicals 

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