Car interior accessories range from steering wheel covers, seat covers, assist grip, sun visor, rear shelf, air vent, floor mats, key rings and ashtrays as well as electrical components. 

Different types of car interior parts:

  • Steering wheel covers: add to the comfort of the driver. They can be adjusted and arranged as per the comfort of the person driving the vehicle.
  • Seat covers: protect and extend the life of the original seat from wear and add a custom look to a vehicle’s interior. They also help to maintain the resale value of the vehicle.
  • Floor Mats: floor mats come in a variety of shapes and materials. They may feature spikes, grooves, or caps to capture dirt and water. They are made from the synthetic rubber or textile materials.
  • Gear knobs/shifts/covers: Protect your car gear knob cover from damage, scratches and dusare. They are used to add a comfortable feel and personality by enhancing a stylish design to your gear knob.
  • Key rings/covers: are key holders and other small items, which are connected to keychains by a metal ring, which is used to keep the keys together.
  • License disc holders:  License disc sticker orders are printed in a standard circular 90mm diameter format. The disc holders are mostly custom made with some blank with self-adhesive tape, others are white, black, or clear round with full color inner circle for branding.
  • Yellow boards:  Vehicles with yellow plates mean it is a commercial vehicle, like for example taxis, they often have the numbers written in black.
  • Steering/gear locks: are visible anti-theft devices that immobilizes the steering wheel of a car. Such devices can lower the chance of a car being stolen.
  • Sun shades: are a rectangular fabric that unfolds to fit across your windshield and block the sun rays.
  • Pedals pads: Typically, manual cars will have three pedals, which are the clutch, brake and accelerator, in that order from left to right. While automatic cars will have two pedals, the brake and the accelerator.

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