To accelerate your vehicle, you just have to press the accelerator pedal or twist the handle a bit, and your vehicle accelerates. The wire between the engine and the handle carries the change to the engine, which in turn accelerates the vehicle. The same is the case with lights, brakes, and horns, too. The cables enabling this control can be easily seen in 2-wheelers and quad bikes by looking between the headlight and handle.

Different types of control cables:

  • Accelerator cable: The cables connecting the accelerator pedal and the engine are known as accelerator cables.
  • Clutch cable: This is the cable that runs between the clutch pedal and the clutch wheel. On many vehicles with manual transmissions, a steel cable connected from the clutch pedal lever to the clutch itself is what disengages the clutch when the pedal is depressed.
  • Brake cable: This cable runs between the brake pedals and the wheels enabling a vehicle to stop when the brakes are applied.
  • Push/Pull cable: These cables are required to change gears while you are driving your vehicle. 
  • Speedo cables: This cable is used to connect the speedometer gauge on the dashboard of a vehicle to the gearbox. 
  • Other cables: breaking cables are used in cars with mechanical parking brakes, parking brake cables connect the parking brake lever or pedal to the rear brakes. 
  • Rear wheel cables:
  • Customized cable: You can have these cables installed in your vehicle as you deem fit.

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