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  • Brembo is an acknowledged world leader and innovator in the field of automotive disc brake technology.
  • Brembo uses environmentally friendly processes, producing parts that are capable of polluting less.
  • Brembo braking systems are used on international racing tracks by Champion drivers from MotoGP to Nascar. They have been winning awards at races for the past 40 years.
  • Brembo supplies OE (original equipment) for prestigious car manufactures such as Ferrari, Porsche, Corvette and Mercedes Benz. Their client portfolio also includes some of the world’s largest car makers, such as Ford, GM, Fiat, among others.
  • CTR Suspension Parts are an Original Equipment Manufacturer for leading car brand including Kia, Hyundai, Ford, GM and many more.
  • CTR Suspension Parts has won numerous awards including Hyundai and Kia motors ‘Outstanding New Technology Development Supplier.
  • Flint clutch kits are designed with every detail to the OE (Original Equipment) blue print.
  • Flint Clutch Kits offer a total piece of mind, and come with a 24 month guarantee on purchase.
  • Champion Oils is the go to partner of workshops and service centers around the world.
  • The superior quality of Champion lubricants is proven to withstand extreme forces, pressure and temperatures of increasingly powerful engines.
  • Champion lubricants are OEM approved products used by leading car manufacturers, globally.
Value Auto Parts Keep The Wheels Turning
Value Auto Parts Keep The Wheels Turning