Season’s Greetings to all our valued readers. It’s that time of the year when we look forward to the ‘small’ joys of life. Seeing a friend or relative you haven’t seen the whole year, thinking the children have finished all the Christmas goodies only to find that last pack at the back of the cupboard or assuming you can’t afford that car part you need to drive safely to faraway places only to find that you can when you check out the deals Value Auto Parts has in store for you. It’s those small joys that make all the difference and brighten up your festive. It’s not quite the same with cars as parts both big and small play a huge role in keeping your wheels turning. But there are those smaller parts which you don’t really think much of that can cause damage to your car if you keep ignoring them. 

Small can be big

As Value Auto Parts put its festive special deals together, just for you, we decided to add those smaller often ignored parts that can cause bigger, more expensive problems for your car. Wiper blades for instance need to be changed regularly. The damage caused by heat and cold wet weather we’ve been having causes them to crack and leave streaks on your windscreen which can be dangerous if you are driving in stormy weather season. Wipers should be changed at least once a year to maintain good driving conditions. 

Timing Kits, another part that does not ring familiar to most of us. Don’t mean to alarm you but if the Timing belt of your car breaks then engine will immediately shut down and not move. In other cars it will damage the pistons and valves causing more damage to your engine and wallet. How often you should change it depends on your car but every 5000kilometres or so. Check with your service professional. 

Ball Joints sounds like something you coach would tell you about but it’s also a tiny part that plays a huge role in the balancing of you vehicle while driving. A worn ball joint will make a loud clunking noise or your car will pull to the side to warn you it needs to be changed. If ignored and the ball joint breaks, the wheel of your car will turn in any direction and could cause a serious accident.

Tie Rod Ends are part of the steering system. Once worn down you will not be able to steer your car properly and it will pull to one side. When a Tie Rod end breaks then your wheel is no longer connected to the steering system and could cause a bad accident if you’re driving fast. The left and the right sets need to be replaced at the same time followed by a full wheel alignment of your car. 

Brushes are tiny parts found in the regulator which is found in the alternator. Brushes work with the cars battery to keep your car charged and going. If the brushes are worn out or finished, your car won’t charge and will take less energy to the rest of your car. Your lights for instance, will start going dimmer. If the entire alternator breaks down it will cause the battery to be worn down before its time. Eventually your car will fail to start and you’ll have to replace the whole alternator. 

So much more in-store

These are just some of the smaller parts we need to be aware of as drivers. Not only for your knowledge but also your wallet because sometimes you don’t have to change the entire engine, just fix one small thing which has the power to affect other bigger parts. Check out the rest of our festive Big Sale! Special deals include those parts and accessories you don’t know you need until you need them.  Like the fire extinguisher or booster cables or maybe that car cover to keep your car looking like new. There’s many more great deals in-store! Find out more at new branch in Ezulwini at The Crescent or in Matsapha, Manzini and Nhlangano seven days a week including Sundays and public holidays. From the entire team at Value Auto Parts we want to wish you a safe, happy festive and a very prosperous New Year.